New Member FAQ

Where are the OHC’s offices? 

The OHC has no full time offices for conducting business. The OHC is staffed and administered solely by unpaid members/volunteers.

When will I start receiving my OHC correspondence? 

You should receive a welcome email within three weeks of paying for your membership. If you don’t, then drop us a line to be sure that we haven’t missed something. Contact:

Will the OHC help me obtain my falconry license?

Through the OHC’s Apprenticeship director, guidance will be provided to OHC members wishing to obtain their falconry license.  Before the OHC Apprenticeship director is contacted, the OHC’s Apprentice Information web pages should be reviewed for answers to questions frequently asked by those seeking a falconry license.  Also, lists of potential sponsors can only be provided to OHC members – we do not provide this information to non-OHC members.  Membership in the OHC is an excellent networking opportunity and improves your chances of meeting a sponsor but it  is not a guarantee that you will obtain a sponsor for licensing purposes

What is the annual Field Meet?

Each year the OHC holds a Field Meet where falconers come to fly their birds on wild game, network with other falconers, enjoy guest speakers who discuss various  falconry-related topics, purchase falconry equipment and artwork, donate goods to the raffle table and then and test their luck during the nightly raffle draw. There is a field meet hotel which hosts the main events and where most of the falconers book rooms but accommodations during the Field Meet are the responsibility of those attending.  The Field Meet launches on Thursday evening with a casual get-together in the evening. This is a time for catching up with old friends and making new ones. On Friday, falconers meet in the morning and form hunting parties. Often falconers and their guests are in the field for the whole day together. On Friday evening, there is a program of events back at the field meet hotel. On Saturday, hunting parties form again in the morning. There is a field meet lunch back at the hotel and the opportunity to switch up the hunting parties and groups. Falconers go out again and hunt in the afternoon. The Field Meet culminates on  Saturday night with the Banquet, Guest Speaker and Raffle.

Where and when is the Field Meet held?

The location of the Field Meet is established each year by the recommendation of that year’s Field Meet Committee. Historically, the Field Meet has been held at a central location in the province, often in Woodstock or London. The Field Meet is held during a Thursday through Saturday night period in mid-November. For information about the next Field Meet, please review the Events page on the web site.

What is appropriate Field Meet Etiquette?

If you are new to the falconry, there are some field meet manners that are essential and you should know about them. Allow the falconer whose bird is hunting to direct the entire situation, including where you go and what you do. This includes not going further into the field than the falconer. Listen and take instruction. This is not just ‘walking around in a field’. There is strategy involved that may include monitoring the wind direction, anticipating which direction rabbits/ducks will flush, avoiding dense cover and not flushing game prematurely. When walking near a falconer, remain on their right side to avoid stressing their bird. Do not walk or stand directly behind a hawk. Never approach,  touch,  feed or take pictures of a hawk without the owner’s permission. Do not rush up to a hawk that has just caught game. Remember to ALWAYS get permission before entering private property. For a complete list of Field Meet Etiquette go to <insert link>

How much does it cost to attend the Field Meet?

Registration fees for the Field Meet are set each year by the Field Meet Committee. Normally, registration fees are in the range of $65 per adult. This covers the cost of the Friday night program, Saturday  lunch, Saturday night Banquet Dinner, the Guest Speaker and  2 free OHC Field Meet posters. (Children under 12 years of age have a separate fee).  Registration does not cover the cost of your accommodations or any other meals.

Does the OHC sponsor any other events or hold other meetings?

The Board of Directors hold an annual Members’ meetings in February where plans for the upcoming year are formulated and other matters of interest are addressed.   All OHC members are encouraged to attend.  There is an Orientation Workshop each spring, geared towards those who are considering getting involved in falconry or are new to the sport. In the summer, there is a BBQ social which also incorporates a short meeting during which the field meet and other current events are discussed.  In September, OHC falconers attend the Luther Marsh Youth Outdoors Day. It’s a great opportunity to see birds of prey fly free and to ask questions of falconers.

How are the Board of Directors and Officers selected?

Each Director is elected for a three-year term by a vote of the OHC’s members.

How will I know when to renew my membership?

Prior to the expiration of your membership (usually in December) you’ll receive an email renewal notice to remind you that dues for the next membership year should be paid.  Just renew your membership on-line using your MasterCard or Visa credit card and you’re done.