Ontario Falconry Suppliers

Several members of the Ontario Hawking Club are skilled at the craft of making falconry supplies and gear.  Although the Club does not endorse any particular supplier and any dealings that you have are directly with them, we encourage you to “buy local” and support the Ontario falconry community.


Andrew Wernaart: Stake and portable Bow Perch, $75. Ring perch, $100. Block perch $100. All painted black. (see picture on the left hand side) Custom designs upon request!
Contact: (289) 244-6348

Sandra Davey: single layer falconry glove, $50. Double layer falconry glove, $80. Contact: sandradavey@hotmail.com,
(519) 591-4230

Dion Thompson: Braided mews and flying jesses for medium to large sized hawks and falcons – $7.50/pair. For kestrels, merlins and smaller hawks and falcons – $5/pair. Braided jess extenders – $5ea. Eagle and large owl braided jesses – $10/pair. Braided leashes – $7.50 each, for eagle and owls contact me. Leashes with extenders and swivel attached – $15ea. Leather removable anklets with grommets for medium to large hawks and falcons – $5/pr. Kestrels and merlins, removable anklets, no grommets – $4/pr. Eagle and large owl removable anklets with grommets – $10/pair. Braided whistle lanyard with clip – $10ea. Glove leash with clip $10ea. Contact: dandct@rogers.com

Nathan Hyland: blocked field hood $40. Unblocked Anglo Indian $30. Dutch hood $60.
(Blocked hoods come only in, M/F RT, M/F Harris or inequivalent size) Lure $15. Contact: nathanhyland1997@gmail.com

Henry Sempecos : Bow perches, stake and portable $70.  Tail saver perches $80. Contact: sempecos_h@hotmail.com

Tim Schultz: Micro Jesses $5. Micro leashes $7.50. Puck board hawk boxes: $250 for a RT/Harris. $225 for a kestrel/Merlin.
Contact: 226-929-2832 or  ducati696tim@gmail.com 

Chris Dulong: four strand round braided leashes and jesses. Price on request.  Contact: 905 213 8707

Nat Chiodo: stainless steel bow perches $160. Stainless steel ring perches $200. Stainless steel tail saver perches, price on request.
Contact: natale.chiodo@sympatico.ca